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Arno Mulhof – Workshop chief

Our winner in the workshop

Arno became part of our team in 2021 and is now indispensable. He works daily in the workshop, where he gets rid of an endless number of assignments. Arno has a lot of experience with steel and wood and no job is too crazy for him. During the installation days of our projects, Arno likes to accompany you on location, in order to have some variety in the work.

Arno Mulhof Indusigns
Arno Mulhof Indusigns
Arno Mulhof Indusigns

Arno – Indusigns

Products made by Arno

I am Arno Mulhof, born in 1985 and live in Zwolle.

My education:

– Furniture maker/ship interior builder
– All-round furniture maker
– Spatial designer

One and a half year

I am the workshop chief, I am mainly concerned with making all products within the company, taking care of some product development from the work floor, but also assembling the furniture / interiors on location. All in all, nice versatile work!

Extensive material knowledge, self-taught, spatial insight,
creative willie carrot and pietje exactly.

Adrenaline junk, when it’s code yellow due to storm I take time off to kitesurf! In addition, pike perch fishing, looking for edible mushrooms, wild camping, festivals, creative messing around, and like to drink a beer with friends.

Rather not!

Often you are too scared

“When Mike Groothuis left us last year, we were looking for an experienced, skilled and hard-working workshop manager and we found him in Arno. What a relief to see him at work! He feels at home in the workshop like a fish in water and does loads of work. A highly valued force within Indusigns.”

Gijs Bodt – Owner Indusigns