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Cille van den Brink – Product Manager at Indusigns

A product manager with many other skills

Cille is our newest employee. She studied Industrial Product Designer at Hogeschool Windesheim and then obtained her diploma as an interior architect. She is broadly educated and will use all her skills within Indusigns. She will make our product line more professional and will also perform many more challenging tasks.

Cille van den Brink Indusigns

Cille – Indusigns

I am Cille van den Brink, born in 1995 and living in Amersfoort. I successfully completed the Industrial Product Designer course at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle. After that I completed the master Interior Architecture at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

At the time of writing (11/2/2022) two days!

I am a product manager at Indusigns and I can keep myself busy with all products that Indusigns includes in the portfolio. Existing products must be improved and I am allowed to look for ideas for new products. I also support the project side.

I am creative, social and technically savvy. As a designer I am privileged to be the spider of the web. I generate innovative solutions by collecting information and listening carefully. I am a team player and think outside the box.

Aquatics! Windsurfing, sailing and rowing. I also like to take on creative projects for myself. For example, I am tufting my own rug at home, refurbishing chairs and I have about 10 other projects running.


Creativity arises in chaos.

“Cille has only just joined us and will spend a lot of time with the rest of our staff in the coming period. She has proven herself during her application and we have gained confidence in a good collaboration. We are sure that we will continue with Cille grow as a company.”

Gijs Bodt – Owner Indusigns