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Could the interior of your business use a boost and are you looking for customization? The experienced designers and makers of Indusigns are happy to think along with you without obligation. Be inspired by our extensive portfolio with completed assignments for the hospitality industry, office and retail. Curious how we work? We explain this step by step on this page. We are curious about your wishes and ideas. Together we will certainly achieve a good result.

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In 4 steps towards a new interior for your business!

  1. Please feel free to contact our project manager Chiel. He schedules a first meeting with you. This can be done by telephone, video calling or by visiting our location in Zwolle.
  2. On the basis of the initial meeting, Chiel makes a concept design without obligation, with a rough target price linked to it. Does this match your wishes, requirements and budget? Then we can move on to the next step.
  3. Does the concept design and rough target price match your wishes and requirements? Then we will visit you at your location for the measurement. We then further develop the design towards a final plan and of course there is still room for a revision round. Finally, a suitable quote is drawn up, so that you know exactly what the total costs will be. A price of € 1,500 ex VAT is linked to the measurement, the final design and the associated quotation.
  4. Is everything okay? Then we will get to work for you from our workshop in Zwolle! When everything is ready, our installation team will arrive on site to complete the project.
Nozems Horeca Interieur Indusigns
Restaurant Voila Horeca Interieur Indusigns
Koning van Engeland Indusigns
Monster Sushi Horeca Interieur Indusigns
La Cubanita Indusigns
De Munt Leusden Indusigns
Brouwersdam Indusigns
Brasserie 10 Indusigns
Beautanica Zwolle Indusigns
AFC Amsterdam Horeca Interieur Indusigns

Be inspired by our work

Have you seen our work and do our projects match what you are looking for for your business? Then contact us without obligation. Our project manager Chiel will then schedule a call/video appointment with you to get a good idea of ​​all wishes and requirements. Of course you are also very welcome in Zwolle for the first introduction. Based on this first contact, Chiel will put a rough draft design on paper, including a rough target price. Are you excited about this first draft and the associated costs? Then we can move on to the next step!

Maatwerk Indusigns Mike
Gijs Bodt Indusigns

From design to realisation

Did our first sketch design and our target price meet your wishes and requirements? Then we can move on to the second step. There are costs associated with this step, because we are now going to invest a lot of time in a fully detailed plan for your case. First we visit you on location to view the situation and to measure the spaces. This way we have a perfect picture of your case and we have enough information to come to a fully developed design. We also link this to a quotation, so that you know exactly what the total costs will be. Of course you have the option to revise the design made by us. We will then make your adjustments, so that the design is fully in line. The total costs for the site visit, the measurement, the detailed design, the revision and the appropriate quotation amount to € 1,500 ex VAT.

Gijs Bodt Indusigns Marketing

Gijs Bodt

Marketing / Sales

Maatwerk Indusigns

Mike de Leau


Cille van den Brink Indusigns

Cille van den Brink


Arno Mulhof Indusigns

Arno Mulhof

Workshop Chief

Naturally, we do our utmost to create the best possible design for your business, in combination with an attractive price for the entire project. Are you enthusiastic and do you think; I want this! Then we are happy to get to work for you and we will proceed to the development of the project, so that our makers can start in the workshop. This realization process takes us approximately 8 to 12 weeks. After that, the project is ready for installation and we will return to the location to install everything. Your business will then be ready to open (again) within a few days!

Aquariumkast Maatwerk Indusigns
Team Indusigns
Bamboo Balklamp Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Team Indusigns
Team Indusigns

On the way to the installation

Customization for your interior

We are curious about your wishes and ideas. Together we will certainly achieve a good result. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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