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Our story

About two brothers who have joined forces.

The start of Indusigns

In mid-2013, the brothers Chiel (1987) and Gijs (1985) decided to join forces and start something together. At that time, Chiel had just returned from a trip around the world to New Zealand and had just graduated as an architectural engineer from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. Gijs graduated a year earlier as a sociologist / criminologist at the University of Groningen and thought about the next step in his life. For years it had been a dream for both to set up their own business and now that unique opportunity presented itself. Chiel was a creative and handy centipede by nature and Gijs had a lot of affinity with social media and marketing. So they decided that Chiel would start designing and making and Gijs would put it on the market. This is how the idea for the start of Indusigns was born.

Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns

The start of Indusigns

Reuse of old materials.

“Upcycling is the transformation of an old, unusable product or material into something with a different function, which increases the value.”

Indusigns – Since 2013

After some brainstorming, Chiel and Gijs decided to look for old oil barrels via marketplace. They had seen some on a market in Deventer and Gijs pointed out to Chiel that you could make many different things from this. Chiel was enthusiastic about the idea, especially because it was not only original and industrial, but also environmentally conscious. With Gijs’ Toyota Starlet, the first oil barrels were collected one by one from different places. The barrels were then cleaned and Chiel turned them into various products for the interior. Think of hanging lamps, armchairs and tables. Gijs made sure everything was shown extensively on social media and the number of enthusiastic followers grew by the day. After two weeks, the first hanging lamp was sold to someone in the Randstad, whom they both did not know. That gave them a lot of energy and motivation to continue reusing oil barrels.

Sales started to improve and Indusigns was ready for its own accommodation, so that the activities could be expanded. Chiel had been working for a while for a furniture maker in Garmerwolde, near Groningen. There was still a small space available here and so the first workshop was created. In addition to discarded oil barrels, they also decided to give other old materials a sustainable second life. This principle is also known as ‘upcycling’ and at that time Indusigns was one of the largest parties in the Netherlands in that field. The number of followers on social media grew steadily and Indusigns’ work became increasingly widely known. That was also because the brothers decided to show themselves a lot at creative markets and fairs. The company grew and grew and it was time for the next step!

Team Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns

Indusigns in the early years

Giving old materials a second life.

The next steps from Indusigns

As mentioned, Indusigns started to grow considerably and a new workshop was not an unnecessary luxury. Chiel decided to move to Zwolle in 2014 and that was a great opportunity to find a new workplace. After an extensive search, they came across the Creative Cooperative (part of the CIBAP). There was a studio available in the workshop. An ideal place, because all the necessary machines were available. In Zwolle, Indusigns has once again grown considerably and orders now come from all over the country. The product range grew and meanwhile the first custom jobs started to arrive. Gijs meanwhile made sure that all completed assignments were extensively discussed on social media. After a year in Zwolle it was already time for the next step.

Chiel’s girlfriend found work in Amsterdam and you guessed it. That meant another new workplace for Indusigns. But this time the search was not very successful. The brothers drove around Amsterdam for hours, but a suitable place, which was also affordable, was not easily found. After a week of searching, they suddenly came across the Public Workshop. A place where self-employed people could rent a place. There was still a studio available here and Chiel and Gijs immediately felt a click with the owners. This was the opportunity they had hoped for. The Public Workshop was located in an area where many creative companies had settled. All ingredients were present to allow Indusigns to grow further. It was a time when the brothers met many new people, entered into many collaborations and the assignments grew. A challenging time that they will not soon forget.

Gijs still lived in Groningen and came to Amsterdam one day a week to help Chiel in the workshop and to discuss the work together. In addition, the first intern was hired, a golden opportunity. This gave Chiel much more time to focus on new products and winning orders. Indusigns steamed ahead in the interior design world and its reputation increased further. The brothers were often at creative markets in Amsterdam and in 2017 they even participated in the VT Wonen fair in the RAI. In addition, Chiel was a finalist in the BNN TV program Old and New and they participated in the TV program De Buitendienst together. Indusigns was ‘hot’, you could tell by everything. Indusigns really started to become a brand. In the meantime, customization had become a large part of the work. The first really big order came from the hospitality industry. The assignment for La Cubanita ensured that Indusigns became a well-known player in the field of customization. That again resulted in significant growth!

Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns

Our time in Amsterdam

New collaborations, larger assignments and a lot of fame.

And back to Zwolle again..

Chiel became the first father of a beautiful daughter in Amsterdam and because their parents lived in Overijssel, it was more practical to move closer to them. That meant the next move. The brothers decided to return to Zwolle. In Amsterdam Indusigns had grown enormously again, so returning to a small studio was not an option. Funda was searched and eventually they arrived at a beautiful building on the Marslanden industrial estate. After a visit and some negotiations, they decided in 2018 to go for it! To this day, the brothers are still in the same building and they now feel completely at home. The workshop is fully equipped with all necessary machines and everything is also in good order in the office. In terms of space, Indusigns has also improved a lot. An ideal situation for further growth of the business.

Because of this extra space and a growing team, ever larger assignments could be carried out and there was also the opportunity to develop new products. New trainees were hired every six months, mainly from the Industrial Product Design study at Windesheim in Zwolle. Ideal for Chiel and Gijs, because that way they could see what kind of meat they had in the tub. The Indusigns team now consists of a product manager, project manager, site manager and an experienced welder. In addition, there are some temporary workers and of course the brothers themselves. A close-knit team that does not shy away from a challenge. Indusigns products are widely known among the Dutch public and Indusigns has also become an important player in the world of custom interiors for the hospitality industry, office, shop and home.

At the time of writing, the brothers are thinking about a new home in Zwolle. You can’t avoid looking for more space when the work increases and the assignments get bigger. It is a nice development, of course, but it also always causes a lot of stress. Fortunately, the target building is 2 doors down. That hurts, haha. Indusigns will focus more on developing products for the home in the coming years. There will also be a new website, so that they can professionalize across the board. Indusigns continues to grow and innovate, so it’s definitely worth following them!

Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Indusigns Zwolle

Completely at home in Zwolle

A nice place.

A selection of our clients

Marqt, Melkweg, Plopsaland, La Cubanita, Campina, Hello Fresh, Gemeente Amsterdam, Bear Grylls, Hans Brinker Hotel, Zuivelhoeve, Stegeman, Den Eelder, Club Zand, De Bierfabriek, Walibi, Gemeente Meppel, Jumpsquare, Dydell, AMI Kappers, Circuitpark Berghem, Studio Sool, Renewi, Monkeytown, Cendris, Just Brands, Foodhallen Rotterdam, Anna Pancakes, Bistro & Wijnbar Bruut, Hooghoudt, Duvel, Vedett, Camping de Watersnip, Kuster Olie, Graafschap College, Miyagi & Jones, Brouwersdam, Oak Wine & Food bar, Bistro la Bohème, Strandpaviljoen Paterswoldsemeer, Restaurant Zinderend, Hof van Saksen, Restaurant Bij Mij, Restaurant Olympia Haven, De Thuishaven, Roobol, Brasserie de Houttuin, Zwaartafelen, Hanze Projectinrichting, Landal Greenparks, Nozems den Helder, IW Noord Holland, Brasserie 10, Restaurant Voilà, Upstairs Traprenovatie, AFC Amsterdam, Moodz Delft, Planq, Decodeur, De Munt, Bartjes Vis, Hotel Herikerberg, Beautanica, Fit For Free, MVV Maastricht, Xyleia, Monster Sushi, Rever, PM Furniture, Paviljoen Pool, Van Galen Keukens, Koning van Engeland, Restaurant State, Hotel Brakzand, V-Plan, Nemo Science Museum, De Smaeckkamer, Preston Palace, FC Abcoude.

New webshop

Now that we have put a lot of time and effort into expanding our product range for the home over the past year, it was of course time for a new and professional webshop. This is now up and running and we are very happy with it! Our products stand out well and the style of the webshop suits Indusigns. We will have a lot of fun with this in the coming years! In the coming period we will continue to fill the webshop with new designs, so keep an eye on us. Did you know that we now also sell in the DACH countries? These are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all German-speaking countries. The goal is to expand the number of countries even further, with France and Denmark as the first options. To achieve this, the website must first be further translated and that takes a lot of time! All in all, these are great developments that will allow Indusigns to grow further. Keep following us and we promise you new products for your home every quarter, which will make your interior even more beautiful!

A little more about our new webshop. We are aware that positive reviews are extremely important for continued growth as a webshop. It creates trust among our customers and makes them more likely to place an order. We are therefore very proud of our reviews on Google. Customer service and quality are of paramount importance to us and this is reflected in the nice words that our clients have for us. Check out the reviews below!

Emiel LenaertsEmiel Lenaerts
13:34 25 Nov 23
14:40 20 Nov 23
Na lang zoeken hebben we bij indusign onze moderne spiegel gevonden. Prachtig design mooie materialen en de afwerking tot in detail afgewerkt. Inmiddels hangt het prachtig in onze gang. Contact met Gijs verliep prettig. Vragen werden snel beantwoord. Aangezien we meerdere spullen hebben besteld konden we een mooie deal maken. Verzending, snel en goed verpakt. Top service!! Wij zijn er blij mee.
Willy Van LissumWilly Van Lissum
19:48 07 Nov 23
Wat een mooi aanbod van disign artikelen. Ik heb nu 3 artikelen: de spiegel Mira, het magneetbord Wally en de kapstok Jack Jr gekocht en alledrie van kwaliteitsmateriaal. Echte eye catchers.
Gerard DamkotGerard Damkot
06:35 06 Nov 23
Dennis van LoenenDennis van Loenen
18:15 30 Oct 23
Groot magneetbord besteld. Ziet er fantastisch uit en is een echte toevoeging aan ons huis. Duidelijke website en snelle levering. Top!
Maud TrinesMaud Trines
09:02 17 Oct 23
Spiegel is in het echt net zo mooi als op de foto’s. Kwaliteit is top. De Spiegel was keurig verpakt en de levering was mooi op tijd zoals afgesproken. Echt een aanrader!
Hans van BezouwenHans van Bezouwen
08:24 17 Oct 23
Cor EngelsCor Engels
16:55 15 Oct 23
Mooi design product! Top!
Bianca VBianca V
16:25 12 Oct 23
Superblij met deze mooie spiegel! Nu hangt hij eindelijk in onze hal 😊
14:52 02 Oct 23
Prachtige spiegel. Met recht een blikvanger. Communicatie met Indusigns is top. Zeer tevreden
Bas HawinkelsBas Hawinkels
09:35 02 Oct 23
Prachtig, kan niet anders zeggen. Heb 2 houtrekken gekocht voor in de woonkamer; heel mooi matzwarte afwerking, alles zit erbij en ziet er echt design uit. Aangenaam verrast door de hoge kwaliteit en redelijke prijs. Had nog wat vragen en via whatsapp snel en goed geholpen. Klasse!
Annemieke van CapelleAnnemieke van Capelle
18:46 28 Sep 23
Een aantal weken geleden heb ik bij indusigns een prachtig magneetbord gekocht. Ik was er heel blij mee. Bij het ophangen had mijn kleindochter het glazen buisje ,wat een leuk onderdeel van het bord is, laten vallen natuurlijk geen ramp maar die schat meteen in tranen. De volgende dag gebeld Indusign gebeld en 2 dagen later lag het buisje in de bus met een aardig mailtje op de laptop Een enorme service maar niet alleen dat ook met het bestellen van het magneetbord kreeg ik alle aandacht. Kortom ik raad al mijn vrienden en kennissen voor iets leuks en aparts bij dit bedrijf te kopen. Zelf ben ik van plan om in Zwolle de winkel eens te bezoeken voor de nodige inspiratie.Met vriendelijke groet Annemieke van Capelle.
Patrick ZeePatrick Zee
12:38 27 Sep 23
2 maal het haardhoutrek Fyre maat L besteld. Communicatie vanuit Indusigns via Whatsapp was erg goed. Houtrek werd na bestellen, de volgende dag al geleverd. Wat een mooi product is dit. De constructie is fantastisch en erg sterk, daar is goed over nagedacht. Ook de afwerking is super. Het is een echte eyecatcher in onze tuin. Absoluut aan aanrader.
Sheila van der SlootSheila van der Sloot
10:32 25 Sep 23
Het magneetbord is van goede kwaliteit en een mooi design. Een echte eyecatcher! De magneten maken het speels en de buisjes zijn zeker een toegevoegde waarde. Handig voor stekjes. Snelle levering en service.
Esmee MolEsmee Mol
18:05 12 Sep 23
Super blij met zowel de spiegel als de service! Hij hangt prachtig in onze gang. Het is een betrouwbaar en professioneel bedrijf.
Annemieke van ZuilenAnnemieke van Zuilen
08:30 06 Sep 23
We hebben, na lang zoeken, bij Indusign een spiegel, muurplank en kapstok besteld. Dit vonden we best een beetje spannend, zonder de producten in het ‘echt’ te hebben gezien. Maar de producten hebben ons compleet verrast en onze verwachtingen overtroffen. Het is een prachtig design, maar het zijn vooral hele mooie materialen en de afwerking is tot in het kleinste detail perfect. Toen we vervolgens te horen kregen dat de kapstok middenin onze vakantie geleverd zou worden, was 1 telefoontje genoeg om dat te verplaatsen.Ook over het ‘simpel’ monteren hebben ze goed nagedacht, waardoor dat echt een eitje was. Onze hal is nu compleet en we zijn meer dan tevreden. Dank jullie wel, Indusign.
Anouk SchildersAnouk Schilders
08:06 06 Sep 23
Bij Indusign hebben wij in december een super mooie spiegel gekocht. We krijgen er veel complimenten over. Per mail nog contact gehad over de levering, ze bieden een goede service. Ook was de spiegel goed verpakt zodat het niet beschadigde.
Patrick RietveldPatrick Rietveld
07:30 01 Sep 23
Een super leuk mooi en een echt Nederlands bedrijf die staat voor kwaliteit! Wat hebben wij een mooie en supergave spiegel gekocht bij indusign heel erg blij met deze super toffe mooie Spiegel en de naam indusign hou ik opgeslagen .. top en ga zo door met jullie mooie spullen!
Annelies HoolmansAnnelies Hoolmans
13:48 30 Jul 23
Indusigns; een naam om te onthouden! Duidelijke website, duidelijke communicatie, supersnelle levering en natuurlijk prachtig design :-). We hebben enige tijd geleden ‘Magneetbord | Wally’ gekocht; de kleine variant. De grote was er toen jammer genoeg nog niet, anders was het zeker de grote geworden :-). Tip; bestel meteen wat extra magneten, die zijn echt leuk. Vandaag de grote ‘Design spiegel | Mira’ en een wandplank besteld. Ik kan niet wachten totdat ze geleverd en opgehangen zijn.Update:De wandplank Shelfy en de spiegel Mira inmiddels ook ook heel snel ontvangen. Bijgaande foto’s spreken voor zich.
Jolande van der BurgJolande van der Burg
20:46 31 May 23
We wilden graag een magneetbord in de keuken. Handig voor van alles en nog wat, maar… niet zo’n saai wit kantoor bord.Al zoekende kwam ik het magneetbord Wally tegen, en ik was gelijk verkocht😍Dit was wat we wilden, en hij past ook geweldig bij onze keuken.Gauw besteld, en toen werd hij nog ook nog eens snel geleverd. Helemaal blij😍Nu hangt hij de blikvanger te zijn in onze keuken. Heel handig is het randje waarop je ook nog wat dingen kunt zetten die niet magnetisch zijn. En natuurlijk de vaasjes, zo leuk met een klein bloemetje. Regelmatig veranderen we hem, voor nu hangen de magneetfoto’s van de vakantie erop.
Wendy JohnsonWendy Johnson
12:18 31 May 23
Heel blij met ons mooie magneetbord én de goede service van Indusigns! Ondertussen hangt hij hier alweer even aan de wand te pronken, maar recent is helaas één van de glazen reageerbuisjes gesneuveld. Gemakkelijk contact gelegd via whatsapp en binnen enkele dagen het bericht dat er reservebuisjes onze kant op komen!

For home or business

In recent years we have completed many projects in the hospitality industry, offices and shops. They can be characterized above all as innovative, eye-catching and atmospheric. Recently we have also started to focus on the development of modern, timeless and stylish products for the interior. Interior design from Dutch soil. Watch the video below and get the unique work of Indusigns at home!

From design to realisation

Discover our projects

Discover our projects
Horeca Interieur Indusigns Maatwerk

For home or business

Discover our products

Discover our products
Magneetbord Wally Indusigns

From design to realisation

Discover our projects

Discover our projects
Horeca Interieur Indusigns Maatwerk

For home or business

Discover our products

Discover our products
Magneetbord Wally Indusigns

Would you like to learn more about us or our work?

Please contact Chiel or Gijs. They are always ready to answer all your questions. Are you curious about our workshop and would you like to get acquainted in real life? Nice, the coffee is ready! Please let us know in advance, because there is not always someone on the premises.

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