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The start of Indusigns

In mid-2013, the brothers Chiel (1987) and Gijs (1985) decided to join forces and start something together. At that time, Chiel had just returned from a trip around the world to New Zealand and had just graduated as an architectural engineer from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. Gijs graduated a year earlier as a sociologist / criminologist at the University of Groningen and thought about the next step in his life. For years it had been a dream for both to set up their own business and now that unique opportunity presented itself. Chiel was a creative and handy centipede by nature and Gijs had a lot of affinity with social media and marketing. So they decided that Chiel would start designing and making and Gijs would put it on the market. This is how the idea for the start of Indusigns was born.

Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns

The start of Indusigns

Reuse of old materials.

“Upcycling is the transformation of an old, unusable product or material into something with a different function, which increases the value.”

Indusigns – Since 2013

After some brainstorming, Chiel and Gijs decided to look for old oil barrels via marketplace. They had seen some on a market in Deventer and Gijs pointed out to Chiel that you could make many different things from this. Chiel was enthusiastic about the idea, especially because it was not only original and industrial, but also environmentally conscious. With Gijs’ Toyota Starlet, the first oil barrels were collected one by one from different places. The barrels were then cleaned and Chiel turned them into various products for the interior. Think of hanging lamps, armchairs and tables. Gijs made sure everything was shown extensively on social media and the number of enthusiastic followers grew by the day. After two weeks, the first hanging lamp was sold to someone in the Randstad, whom they both did not know. That gave them a lot of energy and motivation to continue reusing oil barrels.

Sales started to improve and Indusigns was ready for its own accommodation, so that the activities could be expanded. Chiel had been working for a while for a furniture maker in Garmerwolde, near Groningen. There was still a small space available here and so the first workshop was created. In addition to discarded oil barrels, they also decided to give other old materials a sustainable second life. This principle is also known as ‘upcycling’ and at that time Indusigns was one of the largest parties in the Netherlands in that field. The number of followers on social media grew steadily and Indusigns’ work became increasingly widely known. That was also because the brothers decided to show themselves a lot at creative markets and fairs. The company grew and grew and it was time for the next step!

Team Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns

Indusigns in the early years

Giving old materials a second life.

The next steps from Indusigns

As mentioned, Indusigns started to grow considerably and a new workshop was not an unnecessary luxury. Chiel decided to move to Zwolle in 2014 and that was a great opportunity to find a new workplace. After an extensive search, they came across the Creative Cooperative (part of the CIBAP). There was a studio available in the workshop. An ideal place, because all the necessary machines were available. In Zwolle, Indusigns has once again grown considerably and orders now come from all over the country. The product range grew and meanwhile the first custom jobs started to arrive. Gijs meanwhile made sure that all completed assignments were extensively discussed on social media. After a year in Zwolle it was already time for the next step.

Chiel’s girlfriend found work in Amsterdam and you guessed it. That meant another new workplace for Indusigns. But this time the search was not very successful. The brothers drove around Amsterdam for hours, but a suitable place, which was also affordable, was not easily found. After a week of searching, they suddenly came across the Public Workshop. A place where self-employed people could rent a place. There was still a studio available here and Chiel and Gijs immediately felt a click with the owners. This was the opportunity they had hoped for. The Public Workshop was located in an area where many creative companies had settled. All ingredients were present to allow Indusigns to grow further. It was a time when the brothers met many new people, entered into many collaborations and the assignments grew. A challenging time that they will not soon forget.

Gijs still lived in Groningen and came to Amsterdam one day a week to help Chiel in the workshop and to discuss the work together. In addition, the first intern was hired, a golden opportunity. This gave Chiel much more time to focus on new products and winning orders. Indusigns steamed ahead in the interior design world and its reputation increased further. The brothers were often at creative markets in Amsterdam and in 2017 they even participated in the VT Wonen fair in the RAI. In addition, Chiel was a finalist in the BNN TV program Old and New and they participated in the TV program De Buitendienst together. Indusigns was ‘hot’, you could tell by everything. Indusigns really started to become a brand. In the meantime, customization had become a large part of the work. The first really big order came from the hospitality industry. The assignment for La Cubanita ensured that Indusigns became a well-known player in the field of customization. That again resulted in significant growth!

Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Gijs Bodt Indusigns

Our time in Amsterdam

New collaborations, larger assignments and a lot of fame.

And back to Zwolle again..

Chiel became the first father of a beautiful daughter in Amsterdam and because their parents lived in Overijssel, it was more practical to move closer to them. That meant the next move. The brothers decided to return to Zwolle. In Amsterdam Indusigns had grown enormously again, so returning to a small studio was not an option. Funda was searched and eventually they arrived at a beautiful building on the Marslanden industrial estate. After a visit and some negotiations, they decided in 2018 to go for it! To this day, the brothers are still in the same building and they now feel completely at home. The workshop is fully equipped with all necessary machines and everything is also in good order in the office. In terms of space, Indusigns has also improved a lot. An ideal situation for further growth of the business.

Because of this extra space and a growing team, ever larger assignments could be carried out and there was also the opportunity to develop new products. New trainees were hired every six months, mainly from the Industrial Product Design study at Windesheim in Zwolle. Ideal for Chiel and Gijs, because that way they could see what kind of meat they had in the tub. The Indusigns team now consists of a product manager, project manager, site manager and an experienced welder. In addition, there are some temporary workers and of course the brothers themselves. A close-knit team that does not shy away from a challenge. Indusigns products are widely known among the Dutch public and Indusigns has also become an important player in the world of custom interiors for the hospitality industry, office, shop and home.

At the time of writing, the brothers are thinking about a new home in Zwolle. You can’t avoid looking for more space when the work increases and the assignments get bigger. It is a nice development, of course, but it also always causes a lot of stress. Fortunately, the target building is 2 doors down. That hurts, haha. Indusigns will focus more on developing products for the home in the coming years. There will also be a new website, so that they can professionalize across the board. Indusigns continues to grow and innovate, so it’s definitely worth following them!

Gijs Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Chiel Bodt Indusigns
Indusigns Zwolle

Completely at home in Zwolle

A nice place.

A selection of our clients

Marqt, Melkweg, Plopsaland, La Cubanita, Campina, Hello Fresh, Gemeente Amsterdam, Bear Grylls, Hans Brinker Hotel, Zuivelhoeve, Stegeman, Den Eelder, Club Zand, De Bierfabriek, Walibi, Gemeente Meppel, Jumpsquare, Dydell, AMI Kappers, Circuitpark Berghem, Studio Sool, Renewi, Monkeytown, Cendris, Just Brands, Foodhallen Rotterdam, Anna Pancakes, Bistro & Wijnbar Bruut, Hooghoudt, Duvel, Vedett, Camping de Watersnip, Kuster Olie, Graafschap College, Miyagi & Jones, Brouwersdam, Oak Wine & Food bar, Bistro la Bohème, Strandpaviljoen Paterswoldsemeer, Restaurant Zinderend, Hof van Saksen, Restaurant Bij Mij, Restaurant Olympia Haven, De Thuishaven, Roobol, Brasserie de Houttuin, Zwaartafelen, Hanze Projectinrichting, Landal Greenparks, Nozems den Helder, IW Noord Holland, Brasserie 10, Restaurant Voilà, Upstairs Traprenovatie, AFC Amsterdam, Moodz Delft, Planq, Decodeur, De Munt, Bartjes Vis, Hotel Herikerberg, Beautanica, Fit For Free, MVV Maastricht, Xyleia, Monster Sushi, Rever, PM Furniture, Paviljoen Pool, Van Galen Keukens, Koning van Engeland, Restaurant State, Hotel Brakzand, V-Plan, Nemo Science Museum, De Smaeckkamer, Preston Palace, FC Abcoude.

New webshop

Now that we have put a lot of time and effort into expanding our product range for the home over the past year, it was of course time for a new and professional webshop. This is now up and running and we are very happy with it! Our products stand out well and the style of the webshop suits Indusigns. We will have a lot of fun with this in the coming years! In the coming period we will continue to fill the webshop with new designs, so keep an eye on us. Did you know that we now also sell in the DACH countries? These are Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all German-speaking countries. The goal is to expand the number of countries even further, with France and Denmark as the first options. To achieve this, the website must first be further translated and that takes a lot of time! All in all, these are great developments that will allow Indusigns to grow further. Keep following us and we promise you new products for your home every quarter, which will make your interior even more beautiful!

A little more about our new webshop. We are aware that positive reviews are extremely important for continued growth as a webshop. It creates trust among our customers and makes them more likely to place an order. We are therefore very proud of our reviews on Google. Customer service and quality are of paramount importance to us and this is reflected in the nice words that our clients have for us.

For home or business

In recent years we have completed many projects in the hospitality industry, offices and shops. They can be characterized above all as innovative, eye-catching and atmospheric. Recently we have also started to focus on the development of modern, timeless and stylish products for the interior. Interior design from Dutch soil. Watch the video below and get the unique work of Indusigns at home!

Indusigns’ experienced designers are fully focused on expanding the product range. The focus is on designing innovative and striking products with a minimalist, modern and stylish appearance.

Be sure to take a look at our webshop. Do you like modern, industrial and minimalist interiors? Then you’ve come to the right place! We recommend that you continue to follow us, because we will continue to surprise you with new designs in the coming years.

From design to realisation

Discover our projects

Discover our projects

For home or business

Discover our products

Discover our products

From design to realisation

Discover our projects

Discover our projects

For home or business

Discover our products

Discover our products

Why do you choose Indusigns?

Unique, innovative and stylish interior products that you won’t find anywhere else

Indusigns’ experienced and talented designers create unique interior products. These designs are characterized by their modern and stylish character. They make every interior a bit nicer!

Designed and made in the Netherlands, with sustainable materials

Indusigns is a well-known Dutch interior design company. All unique designs are designed and manufactured in a sustainable manner, with the utmost focus on quality.

Our products are always in stock and are quickly delivered to your home

Our products are delivered from stock within a few days. So you don’t have to wait weeks for your new eye-catcher for the interior. You can take your interior to a higher level in no time!

Choose for Indusigns and support very talented designers from Europe

How cool is that? Unique interior design by European makers. Nowadays almost everything comes from Asia and now you have the chance to choose quality and craftsmanship from Europe!

Many years of experience with interior design. You can see that in our products

Do you like quality designs that will last for years? Designed with passion and expertise by designers who enjoy their work? Then the products from Indusigns are definitely a good idea!

Indusigns combines aesthetics with functionality very harmoniously

Our products are intelligently designed so that aesthetics and functionality complement each other. Surprise yourself with our stunning designs, ready to shine in your interior!

Get to know us even better!

Discover the statistics behind Indusigns

Over the past decade, Indusigns has become a well-known player in the world of interior design, with many satisfied customers at home and abroad.

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marga van der vlugtmarga van der vlugt
13:40 22 May 24
Very nice
Marc en RinaMarc en Rina
15:59 29 Apr 24
The wall shelf is a nice solution for our narrow hall, the hall is too narrow for a console table. The service was top notch! A question via email was answered the same day! Very happy with our purchase and the service creates confidence! Rina
Eva VelthuizenEva Velthuizen
14:59 20 Apr 24
Searched for a nice coat rack for a long time. Ultimately, I had a coat rack custom made at Indusign. So happy with it! Now we have the matte black steel coat rack we wanted.
Tim TimTim Tim
15:08 18 Apr 24
Worthless, the first promise to come back to a draft is already too difficult for them! Shame
Naomi P.Naomi P.
17:26 12 Apr 24
Very nice mirror. Sturdy material. Very satisfied. Fast shipping to Belgium.
Heidi Vrolix (Heidi)Heidi Vrolix (Heidi)
18:55 10 Apr 24
Very satisfied with the modern Mira mirror. Original design with nice finish. Fits perfectly in our new sleek home. Fast and professional answers to questions in advance via Chat with Gijs.
Therese SchouwenaarsTherese Schouwenaars
11:26 30 Mar 24
From my spot at the dining table I look at the beautiful Wally magnetic board, now equipped with photos of the grandchildren, drawings, etc. I am very happy with it, everyone is enthusiastic!!
bart romanbart roman
10:42 30 Mar 24
Very satisfied with the choice and purchase…strong material and beautiful design…a lot of thought went into this because everything fits together flawlessly…highly recommended and certainly don’t hesitate!
Heleen Van MaanenHeleen Van Maanen
21:57 29 Mar 24
Ordered Wally magnetic board, fast delivery, hangs beautifully in our kitchen. We also had a test tube break. New tubes delivered very quickly and very well packaged.Top service and top communication.We are now going to order the Mira mirror in the hope that it is as beautiful as the magnetic board.
margriet kostermanmargriet kosterman
18:09 29 Mar 24
Great enthusiastic expert club with beautiful products!! Keep up the good work!!!
Karin ZeeuwKarin Zeeuw
15:36 29 Mar 24
Beautiful coat rack. We are very happy with it.
12:49 12 Mar 24
Very happy with my ordered mirror. Fast delivery, beautiful appearance and unique design 🙂
C.A. PostC.A. Post
14:38 09 Feb 24
Top service and products!
Jean StassinJean Stassin
14:32 09 Feb 24
Great product, excellent quality and delivered quickly with all the necessary fixings. I recommend.
Robert WezendonkRobert Wezendonk
13:39 07 Feb 24
Design Mirror Mira is a beautiful mirror. A real eye-catcher! We chose the large version and it looks great in our hall!
frank lamersfrank lamers
11:22 29 Jan 24
We are very happy with the Pica photo shelf. Dutch quality, very neatly delivered including good mounting material. We use Pica in the kitchen as a shelf to put a cookbook or tablet/phone on while cooking so that they stay clean.
Luigi OrsiniLuigi Orsini
18:43 14 Jan 24
chadia leysenchadia leysen
12:42 11 Jan 24
Andy Van WichelenAndy Van Wichelen
11:11 11 Jan 24
Very satisfied. Nice and good product. An added value in our interior. Customer friendly and very good service!
Gerda FalekGerda Falek
11:43 10 Jan 24
Bought a beautiful coat rack and shoe rack! Are very happy with itExtremely good quality!
Aly GonAly Gon
10:24 08 Jan 24
In one word: TOPClear website and good communication from customer service. Personal but at the same time very professional contact. And the most important thing is that the products are of very good quality and have a luxurious appearance. If you are looking for affordable but at the same time special decoration for your home, then you have come to the right place. The quality of the steel mirror and shelves that we purchased is very good. For a change, a real Dutch manufacturer and not a dropship webshop from China. We are very satisfied.Until next time.
Irene BouwmeesterIrene Bouwmeester
08:54 31 Dec 23
Beautiful mirror. Include the right stuff to hang it.
Peter De BrabanderePeter De Brabandere
21:13 07 Dec 23
Erik Van RoyErik Van Roy
11:04 07 Dec 23
Our Wally magnetic board hangs beautifully, great design and quality! 1 test tube came out of the packaging broken, but that was quickly resolved by Chiel by sending a new set free of charge. Toppers, highly recommended for nice objects in your interior!
Veerle VerbustVeerle Verbust
19:54 06 Dec 23
Super beautiful and very good qualityAlso fast delivery and perfect packaging.
Emiel LenaertsEmiel Lenaerts
13:34 25 Nov 23
14:40 20 Nov 23
After a long search we found our modern mirror at indusign. Beautiful design, beautiful materials and the finish is finished in detail. It now hangs beautifully in our hallway. Contact with Gijs was pleasant. Questions were answered quickly. Since we ordered several items, we were able to make a nice deal. Shipping, fast and well packaged. Great service!! We are happy with it.
Willy Van LissumWilly Van Lissum
19:48 07 Nov 23
What a nice range of design items. I have now purchased 3 items: the Mira mirror, the Wally magnetic board and the Jack Jr coat rack and all three are made of quality material. Real eye catchers.
Gerard DamkotGerard Damkot
06:35 06 Nov 23
Dennis van LoenenDennis van Loenen
18:15 30 Oct 23
Ordered a large magnetic board. Looks fantastic and is a real addition to our home. Clear website and fast delivery. Top!
Maud TrinesMaud Trines
09:02 17 Oct 23
Mirror is just as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos. Quality is top notch. The mirror was neatly packaged and delivery was on time as agreed. Highly recommended!
Hans van BezouwenHans van Bezouwen
08:24 17 Oct 23
Cor EngelsCor Engels
16:55 15 Oct 23
Beautiful design product! Top! Really adds something, including the children’s coat hooks!
Bianca VBianca V
16:25 12 Oct 23
Very happy with this beautiful mirror! Now it’s finally hanging in our hall 😊
14:52 02 Oct 23
Beautiful mirror. Truly an eye-catcher. Communication with Indusigns is great. Very satisfied
Bas HawinkelsBas Hawinkels
09:35 02 Oct 23
Beautiful, can’t say anything else. Bought 2 wooden racks for the living room; very nice matte black finish, everything is there and looks really designer. Pleasantly surprised by the high quality and reasonable price. Had some questions and was helped quickly and efficiently via WhatsApp. Class!
Annemieke van CapelleAnnemieke van Capelle
18:46 28 Sep 23
A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful magnetic board from indusigns. I was very happy with it. When hanging up, my granddaughter had dropped the glass tube, which is a nice part of the board, of course not a disaster, but that darling immediately started crying. The next day I called Indusign and 2 days later the tube was in the mail with a nice email on the laptop. An enormous service, but not only that, I also received full attention when ordering the magnetic board. In short, I recommend all my friends and acquaintances to buy something fun and different from this company. I personally plan to visit the store in Zwolle for some inspiration.Kind regards, Annemieke van Capelle.
Sheila van der SlootSheila van der Sloot
10:32 25 Sep 23
The magnetic board is of good quality and has a beautiful design. A real eye-catcher! The magnets make it playful and the tubes are certainly an added value. Handy for cuttings. Fast delivery and service.
Patrick ZeePatrick Zee
07:33 25 Sep 23
Ordered the Fyre firewood rack size L twice. Communication from Indusigns via WhatsApp was very good. Wood rack was delivered the next day after ordering. What a beautiful product this is. The construction is fantastic and very strong, a lot of thought has gone into it. The finish is also great. It is a real eye-catcher in our garden. Absolutely recommended.
Glenn GeritsGlenn Gerits
10:45 16 Sep 23
Very nice products and very correct people. I had additional questions about my order and received very good help at very short notice. Great service!!
Esmee MolEsmee Mol
18:05 12 Sep 23
Super happy with both the mirror and the service! It hangs beautifully in our hallway. It is a reliable and professional company.
Ilana OlischlagerIlana Olischlager
07:57 12 Sep 23
Ordered a very beautiful and structurally perfect firewood rack. Very good quality.Also good communication from indusigns. Recommended!
Annemieke van ZuilenAnnemieke van Zuilen
08:30 06 Sep 23
After a long search, we ordered a mirror, wall shelf and coat rack from Indusign. We found this quite exciting, without having seen the products in ‘real life’. But the products completely surprised us and exceeded our expectations. It is a beautiful design, but above all the materials are very beautiful and the finish is perfect down to the smallest detail. When we were then told that the coat rack would be delivered in the middle of our holiday, one phone call was enough to move it.They also thought carefully about ‘simple’ installation, which really made it a breeze. Our hall is now complete and we are more than satisfied. Thank you, Indusign.
Anouk SchildersAnouk Schilders
08:06 06 Sep 23
We bought a super nice mirror from Indusign in December. We get a lot of compliments about it. We were contacted by email about delivery, they offer good service. The mirror was also well packaged so that it was not damaged.
Petra GerritsenPetra Gerritsen
10:59 02 Sep 23
Top quality and great service!
Patrick RietveldPatrick Rietveld
07:30 01 Sep 23
A super nice, beautiful and a real Dutch company that stands for quality! What a beautiful and super cool mirror we bought at indusign very happy with this super cool beautiful mirror and I keep the name indusign saved .. great and keep it up with your beautiful stuff!
CompuShare EdeCompuShare Ede
09:23 31 Aug 23
beautiful stuff!
patricia van laerepatricia van laere
09:10 04 Aug 23
Very satisfied with the mirror, it hangs in my shop and all my customers are jealous of it
Hellie 16Hellie 16
20:53 31 Jul 23
Beautiful magnetic board, good quality and good service! Looks nice on the wall with a vase
Laurence PiotLaurence Piot
17:04 31 Jul 23
Handsome design mirror with a lot of charm when you look into it.Cool production and sales team!Indusigns is definitely recommended! 👍
Michel KerpelMichel Kerpel
11:22 31 Jul 23
Nice design and good quality and very nice help with ordering. Recommended.
Annelies HoolmansAnnelies Hoolmans
13:48 30 Jul 23
Indu Signs; a name to remember! Clear website, clear communication, super fast delivery and of course beautiful design :-). Some time ago we published ‘Magnetic Board | Wally’ bought; the small version. Unfortunately, the big one wasn’t there yet, otherwise it would have definitely become the big one :-). Tip; order some extra magnets right away, they are really nice. Today the large ‘Design mirror | Mira’ and ordered a wall shelf. I can’t wait for them to be delivered and hung up.Update:The Shelfy wall shelf and the Mira mirror have now also been received very quickly. Attached photos speak for themselves.
Helped with my questions through the chat. I was greeted kindly and the employee was attentive and helpful.I received my mirror within 2 to 3 days. So very happy with it! Mirror is not difficult to attach thanks to the QR code with good instructions.Keep it up indusigns!!
Robert-Jan SnijdersRobert-Jan Snijders
19:40 20 Jun 23
Very nice product. Questions are answered quickly by the company. Personal approach and contact.
Jolande van der BurgJolande van der Burg
20:46 31 May 23
We wanted a magnetic board in the kitchen. Handy for anything and everything, but… not such a boring white office board.While searching I came across the magnetic board Wally, and I was immediately sold 😍This was what we wanted, and it fits our kitchen great too.Ordered quickly, and then it was also delivered quickly. Completely happy 😍Now it hangs to be the eye-catcher in our kitchen. Very handy is the edge on which you can also put some things that are not magnetic. And of course the vases, so nice with a small flower. We change it regularly, for now the magnet photos of the holiday are hanging on it.
Wendy JohnsonWendy Johnson
12:18 31 May 23
Very happy with our beautiful magnetic board and the good service from Indusigns! In the meantime, it’s hanging on the wall here for a while, but unfortunately one of the glass test tubes fell recently. Easily contacted via whatsapp and within a few days the message that spare tubes are coming our way!
Linda GoudriaanLinda Goudriaan
09:07 15 Jan 23
Got the beautiful magnetic board Wally from my sisters for our new house.It completes my corner!
Ariette SandersAriette Sanders
09:32 27 Dec 22
Thank you for the beautiful sturdy coat rack. Completely delivered according to the description. Solid product. Craftsmanship.Delivery slightly delayed due to a move but just before Christmas, luckily. Good and clear communication.
14:43 25 Nov 22
Received the oil barrel for our cats yesterday… super beautiful and fast delivery. You have fulfilled the promise to make something beautiful out of it.Jealous friends after seeing the photos. Keep it up Indusigns!
Carla's HaarmodeCarla’s Haarmode
18:28 16 Nov 22
Extremely satisfied with the coat rack that is completely custom made for us.We also experienced the communication as pleasant and clear.The whole has been sent to us and was well packed.After drilling the holes, we were able to hang it up with the supplied bolts.We can recommend this company to everyone. 👍
Corrine KretCorrine Kret
21:11 26 Aug 22
A company with great service and beautiful products. My coat rack order was wrong. It was not the coat rack I had in mind. I was allowed to send it back and within two weeks I had the coat rack I wanted. Indusigns had made it especially for me.The contact was great. My coat rack is beautiful. I’m very happy with it.
Anne RaaijmakersAnne Raaijmakers
08:37 26 Apr 22
The gentlemen of Indusigns have realized a tailor-made bar rack for us. They have converted our rather specific and challenging wishes into a unique design. We were kept well informed of the progress and the installation was done safely and professionally. We are extremely happy with the result. Craftsmanship!
Floris van DuijnFloris van Duijn
16:21 22 Nov 17
Pretty good company

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